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5 Accessories Every Man Should Own

5 Must have Accessories For Every Man

Here we have listed such stylish yet practical accessories every man should own.

Men’s accessories should be fashionable and functional as well to suit his lifestyle and occupation. From watches to belts, we have narrowed it down to the essential accessories we think every man must own.


Smart Watches

Image Source: Gearpatrol.com

A watch not only tells the time, but also speaks about your style. In other words, watches strike a perfect balance between functionality and fashion. From sports watch, analog to chronograph, a man has a plethora of choices to choose from. However, choosing the right watch is very important. You would like to wear a sports watch for your casual style or while going out for an outdoor trip. Similarly, a dress watch accentuates your formal looks for corporate or formal occasions. So, it means that you have to keep more than one watch, for a flawless style.



Image Source: Sunglasshut.com

Did you know? Roman emperor Nero used to watch gladiator fights through the glasses made with gems. But it was not until 1920’s when sunglasses entered mainstream fashion, thanks to the then Hollywood stars. Since then, sunglasses have become the most common accessories in men’s wardrobe. Besides protecting your eyes from UV rays, they jazz up your style. Whether you are hanging out with friends or on a solo journey, sunglasses will make a style statement.

Make sure to choose the sunglasses according to the shape of your face and occasion as well. Generally, aviator or wayfarer goes well with both casual and formal style.


men Belts

Image Source: Aliexpress.com

If you think your belt is just a leather strap to keep your pants up, you need to think again. Besides being the practical accessory, a belt accentuates your style, whether it’s a two piece corporate suit or your casual jeans. In simple words, a belt completes your outfit. Choose a reversible brown and black belt to save the expense on the two separate leather belts. Consider matching the belt with the color of your shoes.


Men Bags

A bag is your best companion which holds and organizes your belongings, whether it’s your everyday venture or for travel. It saves you from the bunch of items you would have to carry in your hands.

Ideally, you would like to have a bag that is aesthetically appealing and one that goes well with your needs. And you also need to think about your occupation, workplace, outfit and style. From a leather bag, a backpack to a briefcase, bags come in all sizes and shapes.


Men Wallets

Wallets are a mini counterpart of a handbag and carry your cash and cards. You can choose from tri-fold, bi-fold, checkbook wallet, coin holder and card holder. Whatever you choose, make sure it is functional (according to your needs) and looks attractive. Or you can order a customized leather wallet to meet your needs.

So, this article was all about the essential accessories every man must have. If you feel we have skipped something in our compilation, please do comment.

Awaiting your valuable thoughts!

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