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5 Must Have Bags for Women

Whether it’s a hangout, wedding, formal event or adventure trip, here are the five essential bags for woman to complement every occasion.

Buying a handbag is an overwhelming experience for any woman! And it is equally true that no woman is pleased to have just one bag in her closet. That’s why she keeps on shopping new ones. According to one survey, an American woman spends $160 on a handbag and owns nearly 11 different handbags. Interestingly, 10% of women have more than 20 bags in their wardrobe and 1 in 5 women feel they have to carry their handbags just because they’ve spent so much money on them.

Whereas a woman needs more than one bag, building a useless collection doesn’t make sense at all.

Therefore, it is wise and nice idea to shop the handbags according to your needs, your purpose.

Here we have listed essential and must have handbags every woman definitely should have in her wardrobe.


Women Clutches

Whether it’s an evening party, weekend wedding, or a prom night, carrying a clutch is both a practical and fashionable choice for post 5 O’ clock events. From animal prints to metallic, clutches come in various designs and colors. Therefore, pick the one that goes with your style for a particular occasion.


Women Backpacks

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you would benefit by having a backpack to carry your belongings and gear. Make sure to choose the right backpack size depending on how much you pack and where you are going. For example, if your backpack is bigger than 65 L, you may have trouble walking with it onto the plane, while 30-35 L is not that spacious. You can go for 50L backpack to get the best of the both worlds.

Tote Bag:

Women Tote Bags

A tote bag is the most versatile bag, as there are over a hundred ways to use it. It is stylish, comfortable, and super functional at the same time. Tote bags are made from different types of materials such as canvas or leather and are spacious with only one compartment. These bags are ideal for beach, outdoor activities, shopping, traveling, makeup and casual days out.

Cross-body Bag:

Women's Leather Crossbody Bags

A cross-body bag can be handy when you want to keep your hands free while checking things or heading to the music festival or picnic. It comes with a long strap allowing you to sling across the body and keep your belongings safe and managed. Choose a small crossbody bag while going for a hangout with your friends.

Medium Sized Shoulder Bag:


A shoulder bag vibes out sleek and sophisticated appeal and is meant for the daily use. It offers you a great mobility as you don’t need to hold it with a handle, unlike a standard satchel. You can choose the leather shoulder bag if you are looking for style and durability.

So, these were the list of the essential handbags for women. Determine your budget, body type, and purpose while shopping for a handbag.

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