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Why Women Love Designer Handbags More Than Anything Else?

Have you ever thought about why women love designer handbags more than anything else? Here, we have given you the top reasons for why women love for designer handbags.

You also must have a secret dream of owning a designer handbag labeled as Gucci, Prada or Chanel, like most of the women on this planet.

In fact, most of the readers out there have been building up their budget to get their hands on these bags. It is fair to say that most women spend most of their discretionary income on handbags.

And we have some facts, to prove women’s undying love for designer handbags!

  • An average American women spends nearly $ 160 on a handbag
  • 10% of U.S. women own more than 20 bags while UK women have 13 bags
  • The majority of women can easily spend $200 on a handbag while only 8% of women have spent over $400.
  • US women spent $11.5 billion on handbags last year.

This is why handbags have always been one of the top accessory items a woman needs. From carrying her personal belongings to complementing her dresses, there are many reasons why a handbag is a women’s perfect companion.

And we’ve rounded up some of these reasons for you here….


Designer bags are known for the durability and life expectancy that distinguish it from their cheaper counterparts. Generally, all reputable brands use quality leather and materials to produce these bags so they have a long life and can withstand the years of usage.

Unique Style:

You enjoy the sense of having something unique, something exclusive while carrying a designer bag. You won’t find another person having the same handbag. And this is something that would be possible if you choose a handbag from the bulk manufactured models. It also adds to your confidence and self-esteem as well.

Apart from that, some of the designer handbags are made to order, meaning that you can create your own style.

Status Symbol:

Why do men like to have expensive cars?

Well, the same logic goes with women’s “obsession” for a designer handbag. A designer handbag acts as a status symbol which will draw kudos and envy from your friends and colleagues about possessing such a fine piece of bag.

Functional Side:

Besides being stylish, designer handbags are super functional. Or you can say that they combine utility with fashion. As they are created with utmost care and user’s activity in mind, these handbags accommodate all of your stuff comfortably.

We hope you must be craving for a designer handbag to gain all of these perks. Don’t worry if you can’t afford them. GFG Bag Manufacturer is here to help you design your dream handbag. We make handbags out of the best materials and our design staff is top notch so no matter what design you want us to make we can bring your design to life.

So, don’t wait any longer to get your project started and contact us now to order your favorite handbag! You have nothing to lose as we have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. You can visit our website at


6 Creative Ways to Use Your Spare Cosmetic Bags

Cosmetic bags come handy when you are looking for a convenient storage option for medicines, pads, sunglasses and other accessories. Let’s see how you can make the most of these bags.

Do you have a bunch of extra cosmetic bags? If so, you must be thinking to throw them away or pass them off to friends. But have you ever thought that these cosmetic bags can be used for a number of purposes. How?

Here we have rounded up the interesting yet practical uses of cosmetic bags for a convenient, easy, and hassle free storage and organization of your stuff.


As Your Medicine Organizer:

You can use your spare cosmetic bag to organize all of your medications in one place. It is the best and convenient storage option if you tend to forget where you have kept your medicines. You can use the compartments of a cosmetic bag to organize your used medicines, emergency pills, and syrups.


As Your Tech Bag:

Let’s accept it. You end up with detangling the knots and fiddling with wires after keeping chords, ear buds, and chargers together. In this scenario, a cosmetic bag comes handy to save you from such hassle.


As Your PMS Emergency Bag:

Store your personal supply or feminine products like pads, tampons, and wipes in your spare cosmetic bags. You can keep these bags in your car, purse, and desk at work for an easy access in an emergency.

different use of cosmetic bags


As Your Mini Storage Bag for Things You Could Easily Lose:

Make one of your cosmetic bags to store the things you easily lose or forget, including bobby pins, clips, business cards, and other random knick knacks. Store them in the old bags you are not using anymore. Keep particular things in each one so you always know where to find them.


As Your Sunglass Case:

Sunglasses are prone to damage and scratches, requiring you to store them separately from other items in your purse. If you have lost or accidently broken your sunglass case, you can use your spare cosmetic bag to hold them. One more creative use of a cosmetic bag!


As Your Clutch:

Have you ever thought that your cosmetic bag can make a cute clutch? All you need to do is choose a slim bag with adorable patterns which can store your phone, cash, cards, and bit of makeup accessories.

We hope after reading these awesome uses of cosmetic bags, you won’t be upset with the sight of cosmetic bags everywhere.

If you know other creative ways to use a cosmetic bag, please share your thoughts in the comments.

5 Accessories Every Man Should Own

Here we have listed such stylish yet practical accessories every man should own.

Men’s accessories should be fashionable and functional as well to suit his lifestyle and occupation. From watches to belts, we have narrowed it down to the essential accessories we think every man must own.


Smart Watches

Image Source:

A watch not only tells the time, but also speaks about your style. In other words, watches strike a perfect balance between functionality and fashion. From sports watch, analog to chronograph, a man has a plethora of choices to choose from. However, choosing the right watch is very important. You would like to wear a sports watch for your casual style or while going out for an outdoor trip. Similarly, a dress watch accentuates your formal looks for corporate or formal occasions. So, it means that you have to keep more than one watch, for a flawless style.



Image Source:

Did you know? Roman emperor Nero used to watch gladiator fights through the glasses made with gems. But it was not until 1920’s when sunglasses entered mainstream fashion, thanks to the then Hollywood stars. Since then, sunglasses have become the most common accessories in men’s wardrobe. Besides protecting your eyes from UV rays, they jazz up your style. Whether you are hanging out with friends or on a solo journey, sunglasses will make a style statement.

Make sure to choose the sunglasses according to the shape of your face and occasion as well. Generally, aviator or wayfarer goes well with both casual and formal style.


men Belts

Image Source:

If you think your belt is just a leather strap to keep your pants up, you need to think again. Besides being the practical accessory, a belt accentuates your style, whether it’s a two piece corporate suit or your casual jeans. In simple words, a belt completes your outfit. Choose a reversible brown and black belt to save the expense on the two separate leather belts. Consider matching the belt with the color of your shoes.


Men Bags

A bag is your best companion which holds and organizes your belongings, whether it’s your everyday venture or for travel. It saves you from the bunch of items you would have to carry in your hands.

Ideally, you would like to have a bag that is aesthetically appealing and one that goes well with your needs. And you also need to think about your occupation, workplace, outfit and style. From a leather bag, a backpack to a briefcase, bags come in all sizes and shapes.


Men Wallets

Wallets are a mini counterpart of a handbag and carry your cash and cards. You can choose from tri-fold, bi-fold, checkbook wallet, coin holder and card holder. Whatever you choose, make sure it is functional (according to your needs) and looks attractive. Or you can order a customized leather wallet to meet your needs.

So, this article was all about the essential accessories every man must have. If you feel we have skipped something in our compilation, please do comment.

Awaiting your valuable thoughts!

5 Must Have Bags for Women

Whether it’s a hangout, wedding, formal event or adventure trip, here are the five essential bags for woman to complement every occasion.

Buying a handbag is an overwhelming experience for any woman! And it is equally true that no woman is pleased to have just one bag in her closet. That’s why she keeps on shopping new ones. According to one survey, an American woman spends $160 on a handbag and owns nearly 11 different handbags. Interestingly, 10% of women have more than 20 bags in their wardrobe and 1 in 5 women feel they have to carry their handbags just because they’ve spent so much money on them.

Whereas a woman needs more than one bag, building a useless collection doesn’t make sense at all.

Therefore, it is wise and nice idea to shop the handbags according to your needs, your purpose.

Here we have listed essential and must have handbags every woman definitely should have in her wardrobe.


Women Clutches

Whether it’s an evening party, weekend wedding, or a prom night, carrying a clutch is both a practical and fashionable choice for post 5 O’ clock events. From animal prints to metallic, clutches come in various designs and colors. Therefore, pick the one that goes with your style for a particular occasion.


Women Backpacks

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you would benefit by having a backpack to carry your belongings and gear. Make sure to choose the right backpack size depending on how much you pack and where you are going. For example, if your backpack is bigger than 65 L, you may have trouble walking with it onto the plane, while 30-35 L is not that spacious. You can go for 50L backpack to get the best of the both worlds.

Tote Bag:

Women Tote Bags

A tote bag is the most versatile bag, as there are over a hundred ways to use it. It is stylish, comfortable, and super functional at the same time. Tote bags are made from different types of materials such as canvas or leather and are spacious with only one compartment. These bags are ideal for beach, outdoor activities, shopping, traveling, makeup and casual days out.

Cross-body Bag:

Women's Leather Crossbody Bags

A cross-body bag can be handy when you want to keep your hands free while checking things or heading to the music festival or picnic. It comes with a long strap allowing you to sling across the body and keep your belongings safe and managed. Choose a small crossbody bag while going for a hangout with your friends.

Medium Sized Shoulder Bag:


A shoulder bag vibes out sleek and sophisticated appeal and is meant for the daily use. It offers you a great mobility as you don’t need to hold it with a handle, unlike a standard satchel. You can choose the leather shoulder bag if you are looking for style and durability.

So, these were the list of the essential handbags for women. Determine your budget, body type, and purpose while shopping for a handbag.

Matching Your Body Type with A Handbag that Makes You look Great!

Like dresses, a handbag flatters your body type. So, you must choose which handbag works well with your figure rather than following the trends blindly. Discover here which handbag is meant for your body type.

There are many reasons a woman can’t live without her handbag. When it comes to carry personal items on the go or complement the dresses, a handbag means lot to women.

But have you ever thought that a handbag can flatter your figure?

Like clothing, a handbag can go well with your body type to highlight the best features while hiding the flaws. This is because the handbag’s dimension determines how a person looks carrying it.

Therefore, it is important to choose adesigner bag that can work well with your figure, besides checking out the new designs of handbags.

So let’s find which bag type is meant for your body type:

If You are Tall and Thin:

Go For…

  • Medium, large and oversized bags to flatter your tall thin stature.
  • Larger clutch or medium sized designer handbag to have more storage option while going out
  • Slouch, Hobo Style Bag for Adding Curves


  • Small or tiny handbags as they enhance your height
  • Shoulder bags with a short strap

If You are Hourglass Shaped:

Go For…

  • Any handbag! All handbag shapes go well with this body type.
  • Tote handbags, satchel handbags, crossbody handbags


The bags that don’t match your size proportion or the color of your dress.

If You are Pear Shaped:

Go for…

  • A handbag that hangs between your natural waist and slightly above the hips. It helps the shoulders look broader while creating balance.
  • Satchel handbags
  • Clutch to draw attention away from your heavy bottom


  • Bags that hang below your hips, drawing attention towards your heavy bottom.
  • Large and oversized bags as they draw eyes to your lower half

If You are Petite and Short Framed:

Go for…

  • Small bags to complement your body proportions
  • Bags that have shorter handles and adjustable straps
  • Rectangular bags for your short and heavier built.


  • Oversized bags as they make you look shorter than actually you are
  • Slouchy bags make you look fatter


If You are Plus Size:

Go For:

  • Medium sized bags as they lift your overall personality.
  • Bags with statement pieces and heavy decorations to shift the attention to your bag from your body.
  • Long shoulder strap bags to hide the flabby parts


Too small or too large as they accentuate your bulkiness

Final Thought:

The key thing is that a handbag should be opposite to your body type. Besides, consider the comfort and functionality of the handbags as they have to carry your belongings. Think about the compartments and how long you will be carrying the handbag.

Luckily, new designs of handbags have made it easier for women to choose the right one for their figure, besides providing them all features. Besides, you can contact handbag manufacturers to order a bag according to your preferences.


Manufacturing Process for Leather Bags

In a world of craziness and zillions of manufacturing companies all over the world, how do you get your design from paper to real product? Which manufacturing company do you choose? How do you find them? Well we will leave those questions for a later blog. Today we will discuss the process for having your leather bag manufactured.

The first step is having a design that is ready so you can email it to the factory, so they can make a sample of your design. I have seen people who know exactly what they want to produce and others have no clue. The good news is that we can help you through this process by sending you various pictures of samples to help give you an ideal of what you want to produce. You can take a shoulder strap here and a zipper there until you have created your very own leather bag that you love.

Afterwards, the manufacturer can produce your sample, which takes about 2 – 3 weeks. Be prepared for a sample fee, which needs to be paid before the sample is made. The good news is that most companies will give you a credit for the sample price you paid after you place your order. One thing to consider before you send off your design is whether or not you should sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which should keep your designs safe. Most manufacturing companies will sign them if you ask, but you should always guard your design and seek appropriate legal counsel.

Once the factory has your product designs they will make a sample product and ship it to you for your approval. If you need to make revisions simply explain to the factory what you want changed. Production usually begins immediately after your approval has been received. Lead times vary depending on the product, but it usually takes between 4 – 8 weeks for the manufacturer to complete the process. If the product is very detailed or there is a large order you should be prepared for a longer production time.

Once the product has been manufactured, a quality control team will inspect the products to ensure high standards are met. This is an area that GFG excels ahead of all the other manufacturing companies because they check every piece by hand to ensure that each product passes their quality control test. If it does not pass the item is brought back to the production area to be repaired. If the product cannot be fixed it will be discarded, and a new one will be made in its place. This is something that very few manufacturing companies will do for their clients, but at GFG all work is guaranteed. Be prepared to hire and outside quality control team if you work with other manufacturers as most do not have their own quality control team. This is an additional cost that comes directly out of your profit, and sadly even when an independent quality control company is hired they never check every piece. Instead they only sample the whole looking at a few pieces here and there. I have seen many problems arise in the area of quality control issues, so pay careful attention to detail in this area. Deadlines are missed, contracts are lost, customers are unsatisfied, money is lost, and tempers flare when things are not completed the right way! The question is why even deal with a manufacturing company who doesn’t have a quality control team? It doesn’t make sense!

Afterwards, the products will be packed and shipped to you by sea or air. Remember that most products are shipped from China FOB, which means that you will be responsible for the freight and shipping cost once it leaves China’s shipping port. What this means is that you must pay the cost of getting it from China to America and then from the shipping port to your office. Most new comers are not really aware of these facts and this can be a real bummer when you find out you have to pay and additional amount of cash. Also when it arrives in the USA, you may have to pay local import taxes or fees which can be quite hefty so make sure you know what all of the costs are before you make commitments.

GFG is able to confidently manufacturer many types of bags and leather products you want to develop. We have been in business for over 14 years and are growing at a steady pace. The growth is by no accident, but because of a heart felt conviction to give the customer what they want!! We have developed a serious reputation for manufacturing quality products for many high-end brands! Because of these relationships, we have developed a habit of consistent quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process. We have implemented a system that ensures all products are made with the same consistent quality over and over, delivering to you an end product that we are both proud of and one that will surpass your expectations, at a very competitive price point. Customer service is our highest priority and customers experience what we call, the GFG Difference, the customer is always satisfied! GFG is looking to make strategic partnerships with companies such as yourself. GFG has the experience to develop the product you need! Designs can be emailed to GFG at or send us your contact information. GFG is confident that you will be satisfied with our manufacturing, and we look forward to establishing a working relationship with your company.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Julia Huang. Julia has been involved in manufacturing for 14 years and has the experience to help and answer any questions you may have. Her email is Want to place an order right away call (240) 482 7973 to get 50% off of your first sample made.

Helping Churches to Raise Cash!

GFG Bag Manufacturer, LLC is a designing & manufacturing company of bags and leather products. They are teaming up and helping churches, non-profit organizations, and other associations nationwide to raise money that is needed for their building, missions, & evangelism funds.

“As a Christian ran company, our goal is to empower churches by supplying various accessories that we manufacture, so they can conduct charitable sales, in order to raise the necessary funds to reach the lost and expand their organization.”

Here is how the process works. Either you or GFG design your accessory of choice. We have many options to choose from.

Once you find your accessory, we will make a sample for you to show to your potential buyers and to take pre-orders for a month or longer, and at the end of the specified time, you submit the final order and distribute to your customers and use the profit you make to support your organizations efforts.

So, if you have a friend, family member, church, business, business associate or association who can benefit from our accessory designing and manufacturing services, please have them contact us.

We promise to treat them with respect and the highest level of integrity.  Your referrals are the greatest compliment that we can receive!

Please go and like our Facebook page at:

For more information please visit our website:

What are the different cost associated with shipping products from China?

Many people have a new bag or leather product concept that they love and want to produce for the masses. Your concept can be designed and manufactured pretty easy. However, we have found that some customers are not really knowledgeable in the whole process from start to finish.

So today we are going to go over some basic industry knowledge that will make your big new concept a hit from start to finish! Off course the first step is to contact our sales office, so you can get the basic information you need to start the process. Afterwards, you can either send us your new design via email or mail, or choose a product off of our website that you want to modify.

FYI: We also sign non-disclosure agreements and if you have a new design that you want to protect it’s a good ideal to have this in place before you divulge your new concept.

Once the NDA is in place and we have received your new design our production department will study it in order to give you an estimate which will include a price per unit and the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

The next step is to make a sample which usually takes about two weeks depending on the complexity of the design. Another thing to consider is that sometimes when the sample is made your material may not be a 100% match. In order to make your design the specific color you want, we have to get the fabric directly from the fabric manufacturer. Unfortunately, the sample fabric may not always match your color needs because the fabric manufacturer will not produce sample fabric only, and only when we place the order will they dye the fabric to exact specifications. Not to worry though because once the final production starts there will be an exact match that will meet your approval before production begins.

Production takes about 6 – 8 weeks depending on the complexity and the number of units you want to make. GFG is different then most manufacturing companies in that we check every piece before we pack the products. If we find any product that has a problem, we either repair it or make another one.

After we check the quality everything is packed and transferred to the shipping company to be delivered to the port FOB China.

Shipping your products via cargo ships are usually a pretty reasonable scenario compared to the cost of shipping by air. The only negative is that it takes about thirty days to cross the sea. So this is an area you will want to plan accordingly and allow enough time for the products to be produced and shipped. Shipping by air is ok for lighter products of a lessor quantity, but once you start getting into heavier and more numerous products the cost will be unreasonable.

The products are then delivered to your port of choice, and you will be responsible for the shipping cost from China to the United States. When your products arrive at the port they will go through customs in which you will have to pay a tax. The tax that is charged depends on the type of product that you are importing. There will also be some local fees charged to you by the forwarding company. Additionally, you will also have to pay for the transportation cost from the port to your final destination. These fees can vary depending on the amount of product and the timeframes that you need it delivered.

These are the basic concepts that can give you a better understanding of the process. If you have more detailed questions please feel free to contact our offices at or call us during normal business hours at (240) 482 7973. We can walk you though the steps and help you get the bag or leather product with your trademark or company logo produced.

Our next article will go over some of the legal areas of the U.C.C Article 2 – Sales, so check back with our site every month.