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Matching Your Body Type with A Handbag that Makes You look Great!

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Like dresses, a handbag flatters your body type. So, you must choose which handbag works well with your figure rather than following the trends blindly. Discover here which handbag is meant for your body type.

There are many reasons a woman can’t live without her handbag. When it comes to carry personal items on the go or complement the dresses, a handbag means lot to women.

But have you ever thought that a handbag can flatter your figure?

Like clothing, a handbag can go well with your body type to highlight the best features while hiding the flaws. This is because the handbag’s dimension determines how a person looks carrying it.

Therefore, it is important to choose adesigner bag that can work well with your figure, besides checking out the new designs of handbags.

So let’s find which bag type is meant for your body type:

If You are Tall and Thin:

Go For…

  • Medium, large and oversized bags to flatter your tall thin stature.
  • Larger clutch or medium sized designer handbag to have more storage option while going out
  • Slouch, Hobo Style Bag for Adding Curves


  • Small or tiny handbags as they enhance your height
  • Shoulder bags with a short strap

If You are Hourglass Shaped:

Go For…

  • Any handbag! All handbag shapes go well with this body type.
  • Tote handbags, satchel handbags, crossbody handbags


The bags that don’t match your size proportion or the color of your dress.

If You are Pear Shaped:

Go for…

  • A handbag that hangs between your natural waist and slightly above the hips. It helps the shoulders look broader while creating balance.
  • Satchel handbags
  • Clutch to draw attention away from your heavy bottom


  • Bags that hang below your hips, drawing attention towards your heavy bottom.
  • Large and oversized bags as they draw eyes to your lower half

If You are Petite and Short Framed:

Go for…

  • Small bags to complement your body proportions
  • Bags that have shorter handles and adjustable straps
  • Rectangular bags for your short and heavier built.


  • Oversized bags as they make you look shorter than actually you are
  • Slouchy bags make you look fatter


If You are Plus Size:

Go For:

  • Medium sized bags as they lift your overall personality.
  • Bags with statement pieces and heavy decorations to shift the attention to your bag from your body.
  • Long shoulder strap bags to hide the flabby parts


Too small or too large as they accentuate your bulkiness

Final Thought:

The key thing is that a handbag should be opposite to your body type. Besides, consider the comfort and functionality of the handbags as they have to carry your belongings. Think about the compartments and how long you will be carrying the handbag.

Luckily, new designs of handbags have made it easier for women to choose the right one for their figure, besides providing them all features. Besides, you can contact handbag manufacturers to order a bag according to your preferences.


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