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Mens Wallets

Men’s Wallets


Remember we can take your designs and bring them to life! We can also place your company logo on any product we make, and if you need promotional products for your marketing campaign we can help! The pictures below represent the Wallets we can manufacture and are ONLY A FEW EXAMPLES of what we have previously manufactured for other clients. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) for all Wallets are 300 – 1000 pieces depending on the material. To receive your quote please fill out the contact us form, detailing the specific product you are interested in developing, and one of our staff members will contact you. If you have a custom design you want us to manufacture, please email it to info@gfgbagmanufacturer.com.


There are many manufacturers of men’s wallets. There are also many styles of men’s wallets. The most important factor in choosing a men’s wallet is finding one that suits your needs. For example, if you are looking for a men’s wallet that has a lot of compartments, you will want to find a manufacturer that makes men’s wallets with a lot of compartments. If you are looking for a men’s wallet that is slim, you will want to find a manufacturer that makes men’s wallets that are slim.

About Out Men Wallet Manufacturer

As a wallet manufacturer, we can take any wallet design and bring it to life. We can also put a company logo on any of our wallets. At GFG Bag Manufacturer, customer service is our highest priority. We stand behind a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy that will replace or repair the product, or refund you money if you’re not satisfied. 

Manufacturing Process of Men Wallets

Once we have the product designs you want to manufacture, we will start the process by making a sample product. Once the sample is complete, we will ship it to you for your approval, and production will begin immediately after your approval has been received. Lead times vary depending on the product, but it usually takes between 4 to8 weeks to manufacture, depending on the complexity and quantity ordered. Once the product has been manufactured, our quality control team will inspect the products to ensure our high standards are met. Afterwards, the products will be packed and shipped to you by sea or air. Designs can be emailed to GFG Bag Manufacturer at info@gfgbagmanufacturer.com. Need help choosing a design or have some questions about customizing a product with your company logo or promotional products? Fill out the contact us form or call us now. GFG is confident that you will be satisfied with our manufacturing, and we look forward to establishing a working relationship with your company.

Benefits of Men Wallets Wholesale from GFG Bag Manufacturer

As we discussed earlier, we stand behind a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not only that but we also implement quality control that inspects each product. We offer design services to help bring your ideal or concept to life. From initial concept to sample making and production, we can work with you through the entire process to make sure your project is successful. With over 15 years in the business, when choosing us you know that your getting high quality and experienced service.