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Our Process

Our Process

Once we have the product designs you want to manufacture, we will start the process by making a sample product. Once the sample is complete, we will ship it to you for your approval, and production will begin immediately after your approval has been received. Lead times vary depending on the product, but it usually takes between 4 to8 weeks to manufacture, depending on the complexity and quantity ordered. Once the product has been manufactured, our quality control team will inspect the products to ensure our high standards are met. Afterwards, the products will be packed and shipped to you by sea or air. Designs can be emailed to GFG Bag Manufacturer at info@gfgbagmanufacturer.com. Need help choosing a design or have some questions about customizing a product with your company logo or promotional products? Fill out the contact us form or call us now. GFG is confident that you will be satisfied with our manufacturing, and we look forward to establishing a working relationship with your company.

Send Design

The first step in our process is to email your design to info@gfgbagmanufacturer.com. You can send your design, select an item from our website, or we can help you design your product. When submitting your design, make sure the details are legible and described well, so our staff can easily understand your specifications. Once we have the design that you want made, we will give you an estimate, which will include a minimum order quantity (MOQ) and a price per unit. The price is based on the complexity of the design, the quantity ordered, and the timeframe in which you need the products.

Make Sample

After you have received your estimate, the next step is to make a sample of your design. Samples usually take 2 to 4 weeks to make, but this depends on the complexity of the design. Note that, sometimes, the specific color you have chosen for your sample may not be an exact match until after you place the order. This happens because all orders are unique, and the material will have to be dyed to match your specification. This can only happen once we know the quantity of bags or other products you want, and then, the correct amount of material is ordered and dyed to meet your color specification and quantity. Additionally, if you need the products fast, you can place the order, and we can make a production sample, which allows us to order and dye the material right away saving you 2 to 4 weeks’ production time. Once you receive the sample, you can either approve the sample or instruct us to make necessary revisions. After revisions are made and the sample is approved, production will begin.


After you have approved the sample, production will begin. Lead times vary depending on the product, but it usually takes between 4 to 8 weeks to manufacture depending on the complexity and quantity ordered. Once the product has been manufactured, our quality control team will individually inspect each product to ensure our high standards are met.Once the products have passed our inspections, they are packed and sent to either the shipping port or the airport, depending on how you want to ship the finished products.


Once the product has been manufactured, we will send the completed products to the shipping yard or airport. You will want to consider that shipping by vessel usually takes about 4 weeks, so if you need the products by a certain time, you will want to plan ahead to be sure the products can be shipped within your time frame. Shipping by air is faster and usually takes about a week, but it is extremely expensive and should only be used when absolutely necessary. The finished products will be delivered to your shipper of choice FOB Xiamen, China. Once we make delivery to the port, our responsibility is complete, and we would no longer be responsible for any damage caused by the shipping company. Unless the contract states something different, you would be responsible for the shipping cost, import taxes and fees, and transportation cost to your facility once it arrives in the USA. However, if you are not able to arrange these services, we can help make the arrangements for an additional fee. You also need to understand that taxes can be a significant expense, and you will need to be aware of the amount due, so you can plan ahead.