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6 Creative Ways to Use Your Spare Cosmetic Bags

Cosmetic bags come handy when you are looking for a convenient storage option for medicines, pads, sunglasses and other accessories. Let’s see how you can make the most of these bags.

Do you have a bunch of extra cosmetic bags? If so, you must be thinking to throw them away or pass them off to friends. But have you ever thought that these cosmetic bags can be used for a number of purposes. How?

Here we have rounded up the interesting yet practical uses of cosmetic bags for a convenient, easy, and hassle free storage and organization of your stuff.


As Your Medicine Organizer:

You can use your spare cosmetic bag to organize all of your medications in one place. It is the best and convenient storage option if you tend to forget where you have kept your medicines. You can use the compartments of a cosmetic bag to organize your used medicines, emergency pills, and syrups.


As Your Tech Bag:

Let’s accept it. You end up with detangling the knots and fiddling with wires after keeping chords, ear buds, and chargers together. In this scenario, a cosmetic bag comes handy to save you from such hassle.


As Your PMS Emergency Bag:

Store your personal supply or feminine products like pads, tampons, and wipes in your spare cosmetic bags. You can keep these bags in your car, purse, and desk at work for an easy access in an emergency.

different use of cosmetic bags


As Your Mini Storage Bag for Things You Could Easily Lose:

Make one of your cosmetic bags to store the things you easily lose or forget, including bobby pins, clips, business cards, and other random knick knacks. Store them in the old bags you are not using anymore. Keep particular things in each one so you always know where to find them.


As Your Sunglass Case:

Sunglasses are prone to damage and scratches, requiring you to store them separately from other items in your purse. If you have lost or accidently broken your sunglass case, you can use your spare cosmetic bag to hold them. One more creative use of a cosmetic bag!


As Your Clutch:

Have you ever thought that your cosmetic bag can make a cute clutch? All you need to do is choose a slim bag with adorable patterns which can store your phone, cash, cards, and bit of makeup accessories.

We hope after reading these awesome uses of cosmetic bags, you won’t be upset with the sight of cosmetic bags everywhere.

If you know other creative ways to use a cosmetic bag, please share your thoughts in the comments.