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Why Women Love Designer Handbags More Than Anything Else?

Have you ever thought about why women love designer handbags more than anything else? Here, we have given you the top reasons for why women love for designer handbags.

You also must have a secret dream of owning a designer handbag labeled as Gucci, Prada or Chanel, like most of the women on this planet.

In fact, most of the readers out there have been building up their budget to get their hands on these bags. It is fair to say that most women spend most of their discretionary income on handbags.

And we have some facts, to prove women’s undying love for designer handbags!

  • An average American women spends nearly $ 160 on a handbag
  • 10% of U.S. women own more than 20 bags while UK women have 13 bags
  • The majority of women can easily spend $200 on a handbag while only 8% of women have spent over $400.
  • US women spent $11.5 billion on handbags last year.

This is why handbags have always been one of the top accessory items a woman needs. From carrying her personal belongings to complementing her dresses, there are many reasons why a handbag is a women’s perfect companion.

And we’ve rounded up some of these reasons for you here….


Designer bags are known for the durability and life expectancy that distinguish it from their cheaper counterparts. Generally, all reputable brands use quality leather and materials to produce these bags so they have a long life and can withstand the years of usage.

Unique Style:

You enjoy the sense of having something unique, something exclusive while carrying a designer bag. You won’t find another person having the same handbag. And this is something that would be possible if you choose a handbag from the bulk manufactured models. It also adds to your confidence and self-esteem as well.

Apart from that, some of the designer handbags are made to order, meaning that you can create your own style.

Status Symbol:

Why do men like to have expensive cars?

Well, the same logic goes with women’s “obsession” for a designer handbag. A designer handbag acts as a status symbol which will draw kudos and envy from your friends and colleagues about possessing such a fine piece of bag.

Functional Side:

Besides being stylish, designer handbags are super functional. Or you can say that they combine utility with fashion. As they are created with utmost care and user’s activity in mind, these handbags accommodate all of your stuff comfortably.

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