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customer Testimonials

We want to introduce our bag manufacturer company to you, but instead of saying all these great things we can do for your business, we decided to let our customers say it for us!

1) President & CEO of Anne Taintor, Inc., who sells products in high-end retail stores such as Nordstrom, had a lot to say about her experience with GFG!

A Wonderful Manufacturing Experience in Every Way!

My company recently worked with Julia Huang of GFG. Our experience with Julia and with GFG was perfect in every way. Communication was excellent.Every question we had was answered quickly and clearly. Attention to detail was impeccable—Julia even suggested slight changes to our specifications to improve the presentation of the finished product. The quality of the product itself and of the printing wasexcellent.Our images often cause problems for manufacturers, but GFG was able to print them crisply and beautifully. Customer service was above and beyond the call of duty. Julia did everything we could have hoped to make this a positive experience, even rushing us samples at no cost to us. And, GFG delivered on time! That hasn’t often happened for us with a new product—even when we have worked with longtime manufacturing partners.

Every aspect of our project with Julia and GFG was easy and enjoyable, and we look forward to working with them for many years.


Anne Taintor

2) Johanna Hermoza from Kwigy-Bo , had a lot to say about her experience with GFG!

Thank you so much for being an amazing partner through this entire manufacturing process. This has been an excellent experience from beginning to end. The carriers were made beautifully and with exceptional quality. I would gladly be a reference to any client that wishes to reach out with questions. We will be ordering additional bags in the new year.

-Johanna Hermoza / Kwigy-Bo

3) Ester Delug from Little Rooms , had a lot to say about her experience with GFG!

Finding a great manufacturer is no easy task and GFG completely exceeded my expectations. I have been working with manufacturers for 12 years and this was the best experience I have ever had. Communicating with Julia is a pleasure, she is quick in her responses and offers helpful suggestions along every step of sample production. GFG does not cut corners and the final products are beautiful and finely crafted.

-Ester Delug / Little Rooms